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Square engineering cost consulting firm

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Square engineering cost consulting firm

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Square engineering cost consulting firm

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Guizhou Zhengfang Engineering Cost Consulting Firm Co., LTD. Grade A qualification,It was originally owned by Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm,It is the earliest unit with engineering cost qualification established in Guizhou Province,In 2004, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Construction, it was independent from Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm,It is registered by Guizhou Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce,Obtained the engineering cost pre-calculation (decision) compilation and evaluation, bidding agent, economic case appraisal, judicial appraisal and other qualifications。The company has set up the first and second departments of engineering pre-calculation, compilation and review business and the bidding comprehensive Department, and set up the Quality Director's office and the Quality Management Department to control the quality of the whole company's practice。The company has 35 employees, including: China registered cost engineer 11, both China registered cost engineer and senior title personnel 5, provincial cost division and national cost personnel 18 people。Among the employees, 25 have obtained high or intermediate technical titles such as auditors, engineers, accountants and economists;Guizhou construction project cost management Association expert committee 3 experts。

The company's business scope: construction project proposal and feasibility study investment estimation, project economic evaluation report preparation and review;Construction project budget preparation and review,And with the design scheme selection, optimization design, quota design and other work for engineering cost analysis and control;Determination of the contract price of the construction project (including the list of quantities of the bidding project and the tender price, the preparation and review of the bid price);Signing and adjusting the contract price (including engineering changes, engineering negotiations and calculation of claim costs) and payment of project funds,Preparation and review of project settlement and completion settlement (settlement) report;Appraisal of economic disputes of construction cost and consultation of arbitration;Provide engineering cost consulting services。

The Company strictly implements the requirements of "Interim Measures for Accounting Firms to Engage in Capital Construction Project Budget, Settlement and Final Account Review", "Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Issuing" Interim Measures for Construction Project Price Settlement "(CFJ [2004] No. 369) and the" Operation Guidance Rules for Project Cost Consulting Business "of the China Price Association,Adhere to the "independent, objective, fair", "quality first, reputation first" service purpose。

The company has established extensive business contacts with the relevant departments,Carry out long-term cooperation,The economic fraud cases of the former manager of Guizhou Bridge Engineering Corporation entrusted by the Municipal Procuratorate and a number of economic cases entrusted by the procuratorate were appraised,He also accepted an audit of an economic dispute case commissioned by the Tongren Court,Guiyang Mobile Communication Hub Building, Guiyang Baiyun District Administrative Center, Guiyang Jinyang CPPCC Building, Guiyang Nanming District Public Security Branch Technical Investigation Building, Guihang Building, Guizhou Tobacco Research and Experiment Building, Guizhou Guard Bureau command center, Guanxing Expressway, Chongzun Expressway, Guiyang Dayingpo overpass, gas engineering, West suburb Water Plant, Guizhou Provincial Library, Guizhou CentralGuiyang Cigarette factory renovation, Guizhou oil depot renovation, Tongren oil depot, Guizhou Yinzidu Hydropower Station, Guizhou Qingshuihe Power Station, Guiyang Crystal Palace Natatorium, Guiyang College administration building, Guizhou Public Security Department identification center and police training building, Guizhou second generation ID card production center complex building, Guiyang mobile customer Center, Guiyang Ring highway relocation settlement communityA large number of large and medium-sized projects, such as Guiyang West Beijing Road, Guiyang Jinyang sewage Treatment Plant, Guiyang Tobacco City logistics distribution center, project settlement and final accounting audit business;It has been well received by relevant government departments and entrusted units。

Guizhou Zhengfang engineering cost Consulting Firm limited for more than 10 years,Every year, it saves hundreds of millions of yuan for state-invested infrastructure projects,Every year was awarded the title of "Guizhou Province contract, credit" unit,In 2009, it was commended as the excellent evaluation unit for the transformation of solid assets of government-invested construction projects, and the above honors and titles will be closely combined with the needs of national and provincial development,Serve social development,In the tide of standardized market economy smoothly forward and willing to achieve remarkable results。


Business profile

Unit name

Guizhou Zhengfang engineering cost Office limited

Creation date

June 20, 2004

Qualification level


Mode of operation


Unit property

Limited liability

Approving unit

Construction Department of Guizhou Province


Guiyang Yanwu Street 63 Zhongtian House Jibi Court 4 floor

Business scope

Preparation and review of project concept, prediction and settlement;Preparation of tender price base and quotation for bidding projects;Project cost appraisal;Project cost information consulting and other related consulting services。

Total number of employees (35)

Managers with professional titles

Other staff

Senior engineer


Assistant engineer







Senior accountant


Assistant accountant






Senior economist


Assistant economist




Persons with professional qualifications

Certified public accountant

Certified cost engineer

National cost officer





In recent years, we have completed Guanzhou Hotel, Provincial People's Congress Training Center, Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government General Office residential projects, Wujiang Building, Golden Phoenix Building, Guixiang Building, Insurance Building, Civil Affairs Department Complex building, Beijing Guizhou Building, Friendship Building, coal building, gas project, West suburb water Works, library, CPPCC Building, East Exit and Northeast Ring Road Expressway, Dusi Road Viaduct, Wandong DaA large number of large and medium-sized projects, such as Bridges, project settlement and final accounting audit;It has been well received by relevant government departments and entrusted units。The projects that have been audited include the Xijiao water plant with an estimated budget of $1 billion;We have followed up the audit of the 6.7 billion yuan Zungao Expressway and the audit of 1.5 billion yuan Yinzidu hydropower project。

I have been awarded the title of the industry's only "abide by the contract, heavy credit" unit for four consecutive years;In the past four years, it has been rated as the top 100 taxpayers in Yunyan District of Guiyang City。In April 2003, we won the honor of "100 Honest tax Paying Enterprises" by the People's Government of Guiyang City, and in March 2004, we won the title of "abiding by contract and respecting credit" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce。



Guizhou Zhengfang engineering cost consulting firm limited
Organization chart







Firm integrity commitment letter

I. Integrity Discipline:
All the staff of Guizhou Zhengfang Engineering Cost Firm must abide by the professional ethics code of the China Price Association, abide by the principles of independence, objectivity and justice, consciously abide by the discipline of integrity, and achieve self-respect, self-examination, self-police, self-encouragement and self-discipline。The following integrity disciplines shall be observed:
1. Shall not accept the banquet of the entrusted unit;Not to participate in the audit results may affect the objective and fair banquet。
2. Shall not participate in the entertainment activities of public entertainment venues such as commercial karaoke halls and dance halls paid by the entrusted units。
3, shall not ask for entrusted units, service units of money and goods;Shall not accept gifts, gifts and securities from entrusted units and service units。
4. Shall not conceal the violation of discipline, violation and serious falsehood of the entrusted unit
2. Measures to enforce the discipline of clean government
1. Implement avoidance system。The employees of the firm shall strictly implement the avoidance system when performing audit business. Where there is an interest in the client, the close relatives shall take the initiative to declare to the firm and implement the avoidance。
2. Implement the clean government responsibility system of the audit team leader。The audit team leader (audit person in charge) is fully responsible for the clean government work at the audit level, consciously abide by the clean government discipline and supervise the implementation of the whole team。
3. Implement a disciplinary system。Those who violate the discipline of clean government will be given notice of criticism, warning, fine, suspension of practice and dismissal according to the seriousness of the violation。

Guizhou Zhengfang engineering cost consulting firm limited

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